921 Basmati Rice is an authentic range of rice where every grain is aged for 1-2 years. A premium collection of various varieties of rice that comes from the valley fed from the perennial rivers of the Himalayas. A flavourful range of rice made to make your taste buds dance. They emit an aroma in the surroundings as being cooked for regular meals or on a special evening. 921 Basmati is a symbol of legacy and trust as it’s trusted by thousands of customers.

A brand lead by a vision to deliver the finest quality of basmati rice to every household. We at 921 Basmati Rice work to preserve the authenticity of Indian basmati rice that’s popular globally by protecting the genetic integrity of the seeds and encouraging the farmers to use scientific and sustainable ways to cultivate the finest quality of basmati rice. We have been emerging as the world’s top-grade rice distributors providing only premium quality that delivers only excellent.

Leading the prestige of 48 years in circulating the best rice to every household. From a dream to reality of visionary man,
Mr. Pardeep Kumar established the foundation of GRM FOOD. His ambitions helped families express love through sharing .

Our high grade basmati rice offers premium the flavors & texture. Our team chooses time and patience to grow through unconventional processing methods that exceed your expectations towards quality, and glide our brand to the peak of perfection.

Taste the rice of India to bring the aroma and flavours of festivities everyday. A ride to celebrate small moments like grand happenings.